Thank you so much for helping C. His confidence has increased so much in Higher Human Biology. Enjoy your summer break

-- Cam 2022 --

“Ally is a patient, friendly and enthusiastic tutor. My home-schooled son has grown in confidence, his grades have improved and he looks forward to his Geography lesson. Ally and her team successfully and reliably delivered online tuition throughout the pandemic despite the challenges.”

-- Jack 21/22 --

Ally helped me with my higher geography and she was amazing. She helped me focus on exam techniques where I was struggling with for the prelim. She helped me with my assignment and tests before the exams were cancelled for covid. I ended up getting an A. I wouldn’t of got the results without her. She was a rock in all the chaos!

-- Gabby 2020 --

“It has only been 3 weeks but after just the first session my son was feeling far more confident in his abilities already. Prelims are on now and doesn’t feel quite as daunting as it did beforehand. Ally’s approach is obviously helping!”

-- Paula 2020 --

Since I started getting lesson with Ally, my maths has improved a lot, she’s a great tutor and always makes me laugh. My grades have really improved a lot since i started and i would definitely recommend ochil tutors to anyone that needs a tutor.

-- Jessica 2020 --

Here is my son’s own testimonial (and thank you Ally from me for being so amazing. I highly recommend Ally and Ochil Tutors to anyone at school looking to build on knowledge and confidence in their chosen subject):

‘I have been attending Higher Chemistry tuition classes with Ally since December 2019. In that short time, my knowledge and understanding of Chemistry have massively improved.
Ally is really approachable and never judges me and so it is easy to ask her for help with any areas of the coursework that I have maybe not fully grasped during school time. The classes are fun and relaxed, so they are easy to learn in.
Before Ally I was finding Chemistry a challenge, but, with Ally’s support and encouragement, I am confident I could pass the higher exam with a good grade’.

-- Lesley 2020 --

I’ve been tutored by Ally for months now and I can say with confidence that my maths has definitely improved.

She helped me through both my Nat 5 prelims jumping my D grade to a B and it reassures me to know that Ally will also guide me through Highers with sense of comfort.
She is always keen to help me improve my understanding in maths with funny stories along the way, making my lessons not seem dreary and gloomy so I look forward to my lesson every week.

I would recommend Ochil Tutors to anyone who is looking to boost their maths knowledge knowing that they produce real results and not just empty words.

-- Jessie 2020 --

I have amazing maths tutor sessions with Ally, she’s helped me get so much better at maths and I would highly recommend.

-- Hannah 2020 --

My daughter has recently started at Ochil Tutors with Ally. I was initially worried as she didn’t like the idea of having a tutor.

From her first class with Ally I could tell it was going to be a success. Ally put her at ease and I felt she could relate well with Christina.

Christina now feels much more confident with maths, enjoys going and is thriving!

I would highly recommend!

-- Claire – March 2020 --

“For anybody lacking in confidence or are nervous regarding higher education. I can highly recommend Ally. I left school fifteen years ago and only recently started an access course to nursing which requires me to pass higher maths, biology and chemistry as well as writing essays. Ally has literally been my rock. Made me see that I am more than capable of this. We go at a slow pace so I can truly understand the course work. She can also push me to meet my deadlines. She is very knowledgeable in all areas and makes learning fun. Highly recommend the lass.”

-- Danielle October 2019. --

“Following a bad Maths Nat 5 prelim my daughter started having a tutor. She badly let us down at the start of April 18 and Ally stepped in at extremely short notice. She immediately assessed my daughter and seemed to instinctively understand her needs and how to relate to her. She proved flexible, hardworking, reliable and within a couple of sessions we were all noticing that she was making a real difference. Anna’s confidence and understanding grew rapidly and she enjoyed the sessions. Ally updated us regularly and adapted sessions as the need arose. As the exam got closer Ally provided additional support, extra sessions and built up some fantastic exam techniques. Both Anna and ourselves felt she was better prepared than any of us would have ever believed. The proof-Anna turned a D at prelim to an A and said she could have never done it without Ally. We are now using Ally for Higher Maths and Geography and she has continued with her hard working, flexible, friendly ethos and is continuing to make a real difference to my daughters understanding and ability. We would all recommend her without hesitation and will be using her for our youngest when the time comes. Thanks Ally for a great job.”

-- Hazel Cummins, October 2018. --

“My daughter has been getting tutored by Aileen for a few months now with her maths nat5.brilliant tutor,very patient, and explains everything to my daughter so she understands, since starting with Aileen she has passed a few tests in class,which she would have struggled with before would highly recommend Aileen”

-- Pauline Ritchie, October 2019. --

“We have used Ally at rustic tutors for a few months now. Ally has been helping my daughter with her maths and biology exam preparation and we have found this to be really through, well explained and organised all of which she really needed. Ally is friendly, approachable and my daughter has felt comfortable and at ease with her from the start. Would highly recommend Ally and will more than happily continue to use her to help my daughter in future exams.”

-- Laura McAllister, Jan 2019. --

“Lauren has been great, she put my daughter at ease and helped her a lot on the run up to her maths exam, thank you Lauren and Rustic Tutors.”

-- Shonagh Nicol, May 2019. --

“Ally has been tutoring my son in maths, and he’s hugely grown in confidence. He appreciates the way she explains the techniques, in a way that’s easy for him to understand. Ally is very easy to talk to, and flexible to work around our needs. I absolutely recommend Rustic Tutors!”

-- Vikki Harrower, October 2018. --

“Ally is brilliant, a lovely friendly and chatty girl. I think her personality made my daughter feel at ease, she is so easy to approach. She gave my daughter lots of helpful notes to help her with her course. I would definitely recommend her.”

-- Laura 2017 --

“Really helpful and explained things so i could understand.”

-- Sheila 2018 --