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Hello, I am Ally. I started tutoring in 2014 and I tutor Maths, Biology Chemistry and Geography. I also assist with adult foundation courses. I worked as a tutor at university and then started Ochil tutors when I moved back to Stirling. I have an MSc in Environmental Science from the university of Aberdeen and over five years’ experience. I have helped over fifty clients and train our tutors to a high standard. You will most likely discuss your needs on the phone or over email.

I am very passionate about this company and I want to help as many students as possible. I put in a hundred percent of my time and effort into my students and their results reflect the effort of helping them. I hope to hear from you soon.


My name is Sophie. I achieved my BA in English studies this year and I am currently training to be a teacher at Strathclyde university. I have been with Ochil Tutors for a year now.

During my time at high school I took part in a scheme in which I helped the first and second years with their reading and spelling. This experience allowed me to feel the satisfaction that I am making a difference and helping children better their education and themselves. It is through this experience that I considered a career as an English teacher. The idea of being a teacher is still something, which appeals to me, and I feel that tutoring will help prepare me for a career in the classroom helping kids with all different abilities and challenges.

I am offering English from levels NAT4- advanced higher, Modern Studies NAT4-Higher and History from NAT 4- Higher.

My approach to tutoring is to always strip back to the basics when we reach an obstacle. I believe that everyone’s abilities are different and the ways individuals learn are completely different, therefore, I will always cater my approach and lesson plans towards the individual.
I am a passionate, determined and hardworking individual who will always give 100 per cent to the task at hand


Hi there!
I’m a 32-year-old CELTA qualified teacher living in Scotland. I moved here after eight wonderful years teaching English abroad in Asia and having the time of my life. I am a total people person and love interacting with people from all different cultures and walks of life. I’m a true extrovert and someone who gains energy from being around other people. I studied journalism at university so I could tell peoples stories and I still write and blog to this day. Somewhere along the way I realised I wanted to not only tell other people’s stories, but also contribute to helping people tell their own stories and this was how I came upon English teaching. Teaching is my passion and my energetic personality and ‘don’t give up attitude’ is an asset to any student!
I am experienced in helping students of all ages – from primary school students to PHD and university students. From 2011 – 2017 I worked in South Korea. I began teaching English to Korean students in junior high school and elementary schools in Busan for five years, before moving on to teach at one of the top universities in Busan. In the evenings, early mornings and weekends I extensively tutored all manner of people from young children pre-primary school age to professionals (doctors, dentists etc) wanting to improve their English skills and move abroad. While working at the university I taught several of my own conversation classes with topics like world news and business English and was in charge of all elements of the class from preparing lesson plans to designing exams and assessments. In Scotland, I have tutored Japanese and Korean students and last summer and this summer worked at international summer camps for teens.
My teaching style is warm and interactive and I like to get my students involved in the lesson process by incorporating their own interests into the class. I like to tailor my classes and activities to suit the students’ level and focus on all different aspects of English education. I have a friendly manner and like to foster confidence in my students by teaching them with specific goals in mind and taking their own strengths and weaknesses into account. Your confidence in English will grow with me as your teacher and you will see results. No matter what your learning style is, I will make sure we find a lesson structure and study schedule that you are comfortable with and that helps you see results