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Ecological Foundation Training

Background: Ochil Ecological Training has perfected a course that has been designed to give you a comprehensive training to start a career in the environmental sector. Our team is made up of three ecologists with over ten years experience. The team have first hand experience with how hard it can be to get a job in ecology. We have collaborated to deliver you the course to help you get your foot in the door in this competitive industry.

The course will be delivered by Ally who has delivered the course for 3 years. We have supported several people into their first roles in Ecology and Conservation. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch. We are excited to help you get started.

All of our courses are currently conducted online. We hold extra practical training events including 13th of August 2022.

Watch out for our networking event this summer!

We have different packages available including Ecological Foundation Course, Practical Surveying Techniques and Beginners Reporting available. You can select an of the packages, please follow the instructions carefully.

Please drop an email to confirm your training weekend preference at [email protected]

Ochil Ecological Training

Course Outline:

This course is to provide future ecologists or environmental sector workers with the foundation they need to succeed in ecological roles. The course is broken into three sections including theory including identification, legislation and mitigation, practical application and basic reporting. We conduct a C.V and cover letter workshop over zoom once you have completed the course.

Learning outcome:

After completing this course, you will successfully be able to identify the protected species in the UK and have a foundation knowledge that you can apply to an ecological role. The course covers the identification and survey techniques of the protected species of the UK which you may need to survey. This also includes legislation, licensing, reporting and mitigation. The final part of the course covers office work and personalised job assistance. The course contains assessments to simulate tasks you would need to complete as a consultant.

Once you have completed the foundation course we have job workshop will include job application, how to apply for license and charterships, where to get experience, cv and interview preparation. Please email once completed to sign up.

The practical element reviews the different surveying techniques including videos where you can follow along and analyse what was found and how you might report this after surveying. This section also includes a break down for Botany. You will be required to complete a theoretical risk assessement to complete the course.

Our practical surveying techniques day is the 13th of August in Central Scotland.

The Report Writing for Beginners covers what needs to be included for a preliminary roost assessement and results and a preliminary ecological appraisal (Phase 1) reports. These are the most common results for a junior consultant. This course also covers desk surveys, result interpretation and local planning policy. Once completed you will be required to complete a practice PRA.

About Ochil Ecological Training:

Ochil ecological training has collaborated with ecologists and scientists with over ten years of experience and expertise. We want to provide you with one affordable course which will stand out on your cv and give you the best head start for a job in the environmental sector.

What will you learn?

Modules include:

Event Dates:

Theory training, practical weekend and reporting package:

If you want to attend all three elements of our course you can purchase a bundle. This will include all three courses and an optional spot on our training event. Please use the link below to book in. Please drop an email to confirm your training weekend preference at [email protected]

Payment: Can be made below. If you would prefer paypal or BACS please drop a message.

Ecological Training Course, Practical Weekend and Reporting Package.

Where: Online using the Ochil training software and in person sessions are conducted over Zoom.

On Demand Ecological Theory Training: If you cannot make any of the dates we have the courses available online for you to complete in your own time. These contain all the content with study exercises to help you. Once you have completed the course, you will have a 1-2-1 zoom cv and cover letter workshop. Available at

On Demand Practical Surveying: Currently available at any time at

On Demand Report Writing for Beginners – Currently available at any time at

Training day: Central Scotland, 13th of August 2022.

Practical Training Day - 13th of August Cowie & Muiravonside Scotland.

We will meet around 12pm to look at some day time surveys for active badger setts, Raptors, Squirrels, Beavers, break for tea and then meet before sunset for Newts and Bats conducting site walk overs and looking at an introduction to Botany. We have some spectacular locations planned for this event!

Further training including talks from Froglife will be available online where you can submit your assignment after the event.

You will need to have local accommodation, personal transport although car sharing will be available on a limited basis if you can get to Stirling and all weather clothing. We will be going out wind, rain or shine!

Further Information and schedule available via email Ally at [email protected]

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Information: Ally at [email protected]